Friday, December 16, 2016

What I learned on my trip to the U.S. Open...

  1. It's not the place to go for social dancing! 
  2. Most competitive level dancers (novice and above) seem to avoid the social floor most of the time.  Every time a competition started 200 amazing dancers would appear that I'd never seen all night on the dance floor. 
  3. Pro's don't social dance at the open, (not even on the last night, also not even at the after party). They are busy and tired, and have better things to be doing, and don't like being mobbed, so get that out of your head, you might get to chat with a pro, but you won't get to dance with one. If that's your goal, then go to a smaller event :-).   
  4. Watching the competition/classic/showcase live is awesome, do this once in your life.
  5. The judges are from another era, that really pre-dates the dance in it's current form and appear somewhat biased in favor of existing champions.  It would be fantastic to see existing/recent professionals judging, and people from other countries, and from other dance styles. 
  6. The All Stars are amazing to see dancing! And to dance with. They are often friendly.
  7. TAP The After Party is pretty cool, with very entertaining competitions, and a nice atmosphere, and it's well run.  The social dancing is better, but still not as good as most normal events. 
  8. Private lessons at the after party are amazing, so many options to choose from!

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